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“prevention is better than cure”

We believe that by maintaining a routine of having a dental check-up  at least  twice a year, we can pick-up any    problems you may have and intervene before it progresses to something more severe,  which may result in you needing more advanced treatment or even a tooth extraction. Doing a scale and polish removes all unsightly and disease-causing plaque and calculus from around your teeth. Not cleaning your teeth regularly can lead to gum disease, bad breath, ugly stained teeth, and also eventual tooth loss.

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EXTRACTIONS :   We consider tooth extraction to be a last resort and in our practice we try by all means to try  and save all teeth. However, when a tooth needs to be extracted, we understand the anxiety and fear that patients feel. At Malvern Dental Care, experience has taught us techniques to make extractions as painless and gentle as possible and we use only the best local anaesthetics to ensure you don’t feel any pain.

dental extractions

FILLINGS:  There are many different types of fillings that one can have, and our practitioners are well trained in placing all types of fillings, be it composite (white fillings), glass ionomer   ( usually in kids teeth) or amalgam.  Nowadays, due to the controversy surrounding the harmful mercury content of amalgam fillings, we choose to do mostly composite fillings. Many patients choose to now remove their old amalgam fillings and replace them with composite.

dental fillings

CROWNS AND BRIDGES :  When teeth are severely damaged, sometimes a filling may not suffice. In cases like these the tooth will need a crown ( also known as a cap). Your tooth will need to be prepared/trimmed in order to make space for the crown and once completed, the crown is cemented onto the tooth with a very strong cement, which renders it permanent.

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When replacing missing teeth, a common method is to do so by means of a bridge. A bridge fits over the teeth on either side of your missing tooth or teeth. The process is similar to that of a crown and we can  achieve excellent results with this treatment,  both aesthetically and functionally.

Crowns and bridges can be done in metal (gold or silver), porcelain, or a combination of both.

* We are also now offering Stickbond bridges and EverStick splints to secure loose teeth.


ROOT CANAL TREATMENTS:  when a tooth is decayed or damaged such that the nerve within the tooth is affected, the tooth will then need root canal treatment, also referred to as de-nerving the tooth. Dr Govender is very adept at, and has a fondness for performing root canal treatments. He has attended many courses and lectures on this mode of treatment thereby keeping up to date with the latest techniques.

dental root canal

DENTURES  – also known as false teeth. You can have Full dentures or Partial dentures depending on the number of teeth that are missing. They usually consist of acrylic teeth fixed onto either an acrylic, chrome metal or valplast base.  We are experienced in fabricating all types of dentures.


dental dentures1  dental denture 2  dental denture3



PERIODONTAL TREATMENTS – Periodontal disease or periodontitis is a disease that affects the gum and the bone surrounding the teeth. It ultimately leads to loss of bone around the tooth, with the tooth eventually becoming loose and requiring extraction. It is seen commonly in Diabetics, Smokers and people with poor oral hygiene and usually takes many years to manifest  itself. Most of the time, if picked up early, it can be treated and prevented from getting worse. At our practice,  We screen all of our patients for periodontal disease and are adept at treating this condition.

dental pe

LASER TEETH WHITENING – We have recently acquired a Biolase Diode Laser which we now use for Teeth whitening. The advantage of using the Laser for whitening teeth, is that it cuts your treatment time in half, and causes much less sensitivity which is the biggest drawback of other whitening systems.

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Implants are titanium screws that get surgically placed into the jaw bone to replace your missing tooth. A crown is then fabricated to fit over the titanium screw. It remains the best way to replace missing teeth. Once again, a careful screening will be done to see if you are a good candidate for implants. We refer our implant patients to a specialist Surgeon who will insert the implant in the jaw. Thereafter, we will do the second stage of treatment, which involves making a crown to fit onto the implant.


PAEDIATRIC DENTISTRY – When a scared, anxious child needs extensive dental treatment, it can be a very traumatic experience, for the child, the parents and also the dentist. It can also leave the child with a lifelong fear of dentists and lead to dental neglect. Where possible, i prefer to carry out such treatment in theatre, under general anaesthetic. We currently make use of the Pinetown Medicross Day Theatre. Contact us for more info.


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